Planning to build a Pergola?

One of the most popular features of the Australian backyard is a garden pergola. They are versatile, varied and a stunning center-piece for entertainment and relaxation.

A pergola can provide shade in the summer, protection in the winter and privacy all year round. They can offer an escape within the confines of your own home and the choices are abundant.

You can choose the traditional path; opting for the classic timber design to compliment the colours and textures of the rest of your landscaping that gives a natural look. The downside of this however is the regular maintenance required to protect from the elements.

If you are looking for something that can be maintained with little fuss you may want to consider a metal pergola. Colorbond offer a range of products in an array of colours that can either compliment or contrast your surroundings depending on what it is you desire. Colorbond won’t rust and can be built quickly if purchased as a kit. This will save time and money on labour costs.

By growing plants that weave in and out of the pergola’s frame an atmosphere of decadence leaves guests with a sense of envy and inspiration. They create a visual interest to your yard that visitors’ eyes are drawn to and offer a secondary space for relaxation, entertainment and cooking.

Pergolas are versatile and come in many shapes and sizes, whether big or small there will be a pergola to suit your needs

There is no shortage of inspiration available online, a simple google search or a quick visit to Pinterest will provide you endless sources to get the creative juices flowing.

Although we all enjoy a bargain, cheap materials often result in a second-rate product that doesn’t last. Consider your options and shop around but don’t settle for any off-brand products.


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