Building a retaining wall.

Retaining walls: Powerful, Purposeful.

The purpose of the garden retaining wall; prevent erosion, provide strength, create levels and control rainwater dispersion.

The power of the garden retaining wall; provide warmth, create atmosphere, insulate your space and protect your sanctuary – your home.

Often the last consideration in landscaping, retaining walls can provide a lot more than what they are given credit for. Consider your garden the canvas on which you paint and your retaining walls the frame in which it sits.

Elevated terraces create depth to animate ‘dead space.’ Lifted garden beds provide privacy. Levels allow you to separate your backyard meaning you can have that entertainment area as well the garden you always dreamed of.

Brick, Stone, Timber or Concrete?

Choosing the right materials to fit your aesthetic is important; brick, stone timber, concrete, modular panels or gabion walls. There are plenty of options to suit your palette. Neutral colours like beige, white, grey and sandstone will provide the perfect contrast allowing your garden to really pop and allow the perfect framing to a coastal backdrop.

Timber’s deep colours will compliment your garden, giving it a natural look that can provide an escape in even the densest city landscapes.
Gabion basket walls demand a lot of land but are great for big backyards or commercial spaces.

Modular panels are a cheap and nifty design which are easy to install and low-level maintenance.

If choosing one type is just too tough a task it is possible to combine any number of materials that creates an inspiring modern look. This is a great idea to help separate spaces in your backyard.

If you live on a hill or a slanted block, concrete walls can act as steps which then takes you down into another terrace with timbered garden beds that frame a warm, inviting entertainment area for guests and family to relax and enjoy.

While the options are plentiful, it is always important that you consider your space and (of course) your budget.


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