Building a deck, what to consider?

Deck building.

You’re wanting to build a deck but you are unsure where to begin; first thing you should ask is what it is you are wanting to achieve. Is it an entertainment area for hot summer nights? Will it be a free-standing deck or attached to the house? What colour schemes will best match your home?

There is no shortage of inspiration online, browsing Pinterest is a sure-fire way of getting the creative juices flowing but it is important to always be mindful of your budget and council considerations in building your dream deck.

Before any construction it is essential to seek local council approval; this will determine what height, size and materials you will be permitted to use.

Hardwood, Soft-wood (Treated Pine) , Composite or Modular decking.

Choosing your materials can be tough.

Pine is cheap and the treated timber prevents termites and bugs from destroying your deck but will require annual maintenance to remain in a good condition.

Hardwoods (Jarrah, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Merbau) are durable, resilient and offer a beautiful deep, warm finish to your deck but will also require annual staining and oiling  to retain it’s beauty. It is more expensive but will offer a good return should you want to test the market.

Composite decking is becoming increasingly popular because of it’s environmentally friendly make-up and low maintenance requirements. Made of recycled plastic and wood grain, composite is naturally resistant to mould and insects and less prone to rot. Yes, it is more expensive but if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or want a no-fuss deck this is a great choice for you. It is also important to note that once stained, you will not be able to change the colour of your deck with composite decking.

Floating decks; much like composite decking are becoming increasingly popular because of their low-fuss installation and their unique ability to be removed and relocated should you choose to move house or simply move your deck. Because of it’s easy to assemble nature, you can expect quicker and cheaper installation costs. The downside of this style however is it is typically less durable and maintenance will be required to prolong the lifespan of your deck.


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